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ZipGenius is absolutely free for every kind of user in every kind of environment! And when we say “free”, we really mean absolutely free: no registration fees, no subscription, no advertisement within the application, no spyware, no limited feature: nobody will ask you for money to download and use ZipGenius

Easy and Powerful

ZipGenius handles more than 20 types of compression formats and it allows you to browse CD/DVD-ROM ISO image files as if they were common archives. It is the best companion for your daily tasks and you can even use it through command line module in batch operations. However you don’t need to be a geek or a nerd or a nuclear scientist to use ZipGenius: most tasks are fully automated and the application gives a lot of useful advices while using it.

Latest News.

Secure with CZIP.

Why rely on the standard ZIP password to protect your documents? They’re not safe because that’s a weak protection. And why protect them with other utilities’ proprietary encryption systems that aren’t supported by other applications? You’d better rely on ZipGenius’ exclusive CZIP file type that will give you the highest protection and guarantees total portability to people that doesn’t use ZipGenius – yet.

17 Years of Success

Since 1998, when the very first version got renamed from “Mr. Zip 98″ to the current and definitive “ZipGenius”, this small utility has spread across the web without losing its original characteristics: born free, made with passion, only supported by people donations and the ads you see in this website. The hard work finally paid and ZipGenius got positive reviews and high ratings from multiple specialized websites and magazines.

What Do They Say About ZipGenius?

Why donate?

Just as advertisments in this website, donations are really important to keep ZipGenius free because they allow us to improve our development tools and to maintain the hardware we need to test ZipGenius upon. You make the price: download ZipGenius, try it and you can donate, if you like it. If you will not donate but will continue to use ZipGenius, we still will be grateful to you for choosing our application.


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